A tip for a Christmas tree that will last through the Holiday

We are often asked why our Christmas trees last longer than all the others. Well in this blog post you will enjoy our secret to a long last Christmas tree. In order to understand what makes a Christmas last long you have to understand the trees source of life... WATER. Most trees are cut from the farm and after a few days the trees freeze and harden at the bottom. This means that when you get home to water the tree the hardened bottom doesn't allow the water to move into the wood and out to the branches. 

Here's the secret. You MUST cut the bottom of the tree before placing the tree in a tree stand. When you cut off the hard crusted bottom it opens the tree to receive water. 

Every tree that we deliver gets freshly cut leaving the tree ready and anxious to absorb the water. The tree will enjoy receiving all of that delicious water long into the holiday season allowing for a beautiful tree. We all know there is nothing worse than a tree that dying and shedding dry leaves before Christmas day!